Week 1?

Learn the fundamentals of mindset, emotions, and where the imprinting began. Gain an understanding of how intergenerational threads impact the now and a plan to break cycles and create something new.

Week 2?

Explore areas to assist with mind-shifting and emotional awareness. As we open up awareness of our inner dialogue, we may find some additional judgments. Learn valuable tools to create shifts.

Week 3?

Gain insight into the Ego Driver and become the Soul Driver. Explore the ways you interact with yourself and your heart space and what it has to do with sacred reciprocity. Learn more valuable wellness tools to Rewire to Love.

Week 4?

Continue to expand your awareness and dedication to your heart space. Learn about auto patterns that move us away from inner wellness. Gather some more tools for daily living and fill your space with love.
Energy Therapy ~ Healing Your Inner Crumbs

Our mind and body can store fragments of past pain that we may not notice. These crumbs left behind can continue to be the driving force of our perceptions and interactions with ourselves and others. We can engage in life running a script that is not ours. We can repeat past cycles that no longer fit into our lives or the direction we are going. Through curiosity and desire, change occurs.

Join me for a practice of self-discovery and healing. Learn valuable mental health tools and experience a guided energy therapy meditation to release and renew. Your soul will thank you.

About Energy Therapy Gatherings

Integrative Energy Therapy meditations infuse aspects of mental health awareness and an energy therapy guided meditation. Each gathering starts with information to develop inner awareness and connection followed by a guided energy therapy meditation. The guided meditations are created in real-time as Nicole takes herself into a meditative state and energy connection. Areas covered each month will blend with the monthly training focusing on your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness.

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