Rewire to Love and Self Acceptance

  • Duration 04h
  • Last Update April 19, 2024


Thank you for sharing space with me.

What Will I Learn?

  • Explore your inner dialogue
  • Break out of a judgmental mindset
  • Rewire your pathways to being
  • ​Gain insight, tools, and connection to being something new

Topics for this course

5 Lessons04h

Week 1?

Learn the fundamentals of mindset, emotions, and where the imprinting began. Gain an understanding of how intergenerational threads impact the now and a plan to break cycles and create something new.

Week 2?

Explore areas to assist with mind-shifting and emotional awareness. As we open up awareness of our inner dialogue, we may find some additional judgments. Learn valuable tools to create shifts.

Energy Therapy Meditation

Week 3?

Gain insight into the Ego Driver and become the Soul Driver. Explore the ways you interact with yourself and your heart space and what it has to do with sacred reciprocity. Learn more valuable wellness tools to Rewire to Love.

Week 4?

Continue to expand your awareness and dedication to your heart space. Learn about auto patterns that move us away from inner wellness. Gather some more tools for daily living and fill your space with love.

About the instructor

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Material Includes

  • One to One Tool
  • Repeats Unraveled
  • Intergenerational Imprinting
  • Under one minute
  • Procrastination Crushers
  • Reciprocity
  • Your Wellness Matters
  • Environment and You
  • Affirming Self
  • Using Your Inner Guide
  • Heart-Centered Practice
  • Feeding Your Passions


  • Openness to learning wellness.

Target Audience

  • Anyone with a desire to release judgemental mindsets and enhance connection to self and others.