Integrative Mental Health Therapy

Using a supportive and holistic approach, Nicole will customize your treatment plan to meet your mental health and wellness needs. Working together through weekly virtual meetings, you will gather wisdom, healing, and wellness tools to create your personalized wellness toolbox for everyday health.

Wellness Web Package

Gathering key therapeutic elements from scientifically proven integrative models of treatment, Nicole designed this one of a kind 8 session program to guide you in creating and maintaining your wellness web for whole body health and wellness. 


* Currently not accepting new clients. 

Psychedelic Integration Psychotherapy

This therapeutic offering combines , Psychedelic Integration Psychotherapy, Clinical Hypnosis, and Somatic Experiencing Therapy, and for individuals seeking therapeutic guidance and support in utilizing non-ordinary states of consciousness for mental health treatment and healing. Our subconscious has a lot to offer us in healing, we just have to create the appropriate pathway, setting, and integrative knowledge to utilize its resources. 

Wellness Workshop Facilitator

Facilitating workshops and teaching others wellness is one of Nicole’s true passions. She has lead hundreds of workshops at retreats, private events, corporations, university alumni celebrations, educational centers, research facilities, as a guest lecturer, among others. Bring wellness to your team through a custom-built program designed to meet your organization’s needs. An array of health and wellness topics can be covered over an hour, a day, or multiple days depending on your goals. 

When we share wellness, the ripple of wellness flows out to all. 


* Currently not offering trainings

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