Serenity Wellness Scents Third Eye Chakra Blend


Serenity Wellness Scents Third Eye Chakra blend creates space from mind clutter to enhance intuitive connection, imagination, and meditative connection. Use before bed to elevate dream activation and awareness. This balanced blend will captivate your attention and draw you to the quiet whisper of awareness within. All blends are made using Subtle Aromatherapy to create an energetic mix made with 100% organic essential oils, ethically sourced crystals, and Reiki charged for the perfect combination of comfort and wellness to add to your day.


Third Eye Chakra Blend

  • Intuitive Connection
  • Imagination
  • Meditation 
  • Mind Space
  • Enhanced Dreams


Organic Essential Oils in a Fractionated Coconut & Jojoba oil base
Clary Sage: quiets the mind, decreases racing thoughts, increases focus, alleviates insomnia, enhanced connection to dreams
Palo Santo: offers energetic protection, calms panic attacks, supports meditation and invites higher consciousness, helps quiet a busy mind
Peppermint: cools emotionally inflamed situations, releases fears, calms the mind while improving concentration
Grapefruit: reduces confusion and mental chatter, decreases racing thoughts, connects to intuition, uplifts the mind and body
Nutmeg: enhances encouragement, releases doubt and resistance, alleviates depression, connects to joy

Sodalite: enhances connection to intuition and psychic abilities, living your truth
Quartz: amplifies the vibration of energy and effects of all other crystals

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