Serenity Wellness Scents Crown Chakra Blend


Serenity Wellness Scents Crown Chakra blend gathers a connected awareness to the meditative mind and spiritual connection. An invigorative awareness that connects beyond the everyday chitter-chatter of the mind to create space for connection to clarity and internal wisdom.  All blends are made using Subtle Aromatherapy to create an energetic mix made with 100% organic essential oils, ethically sourced crystals, and Reiki charged for the perfect combination of comfort and wellness to add to your day.


Crown Chakra Blend

  • Balance of mind
  • Insight
  • Meditation 
  • Spiritual Connection
  • Internal Wisdom


Organic Essential Oils in a Fractionated Coconut & Jojoba oil base
Sandalwood: concentration and inspiration, enhances connection to meditation and intuition, reduces depression and anxiety, eases irritation, assists in melatonin release from the pineal gland
Frankincense: releases feelings of overwhelm, assists in breaking ties from past that block personal growth, assists pituitary and pineal glands, connects root and crown chakra
Lavender: calms and relaxes the mind and body, creates inner balance, eases anxiety and anger
Grapefruit: reduces confusion and mental chatter, decreases racing thoughts, connects to intuition, uplifts the mind and body
Basil: connects to inner self, reenergizes, clears the mind, uplifts, alleviates mental fatigue

Amethyst: healing stone, releases, restores, protects, empowers, connects to life force energy
Quartz: amplifies the vibration of energy and effects of all other crystals

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