Episode ~ 70 ~ Your Wellness Matters ~ Feed Your Soul

As a collective, it is imperative we pay attention to the ongoing increase in mental health and emotional distress that continues to rise.

We are social beings, our connections with others have a direct impact on our physiological and psychological makeup.

Please take a moment to listen to this important information and form a dedicated commitment to wellness in your life. Your Mental Health Matters!

Here is a book that will reconnect you to hope and fuel your heart https://amzn.to/3LbHnEW

This one reconnects to help with emotional flexibility https://amzn.to/3seB4YN

Here is the smudge kit I use https://serenitywellnesscentre.com/shop/smudgekit/

Here is a great anchoring tool https://serenitywellnesscentre.com/shop/emperor-stone-braided-wrap-bracelet/

The cute little lightened meditator https://amzn.to/3J6zmzh

Meetup link https://www.meetup.com Serenity on Meetup https://www.meetup.com/Serenity-Wellness-Virtual-Gatherings/


2:13 Let’s Get Started

4:13 Social Isolation and Our Body

10:19 Further Impacts

19:11 Let’s Look at Some Numbers

27:52 Wellness Tools

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