Smudge Kit Abalone Shell, Hand Carved Wooden Cobra Stand, White Sage, and Palo Santo


This Smudging Kit is a beautiful piece to add to your meditation and cleansing practices. Smudging has been used for many years in personal and ceremonial practices to cleanse a space, a person, and objects. A number of studies have shown that smoke from smudging things like White Sage and Palo Santo has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, can assist with mood, and sleep.
This large White Sage Bundle is sustainably harvested from private land located in the mountains of California.
Sage belongs to the Salvia plant family and is derived from the Latin word salvere, which means “to heal.”
White Sage is used for clearing negative energy, connecting to spirituality, ridding the body of energy from heavy emotions such as stress, anger, anxiety, and envy.
Palo Santo smoke has been used for many years for emotional and physical cleansing. Its smell can instantly bring ease to feelings of emotional heaviness. Palo Santo is a powerful antioxidant with the highest amount of D-limonene than any other tree oil and has been used in traditional ceremonies to ease physical ailments.
This Palo Santo is legally and ethically harvested in Peru and is certified through the Plant Protection Organization of Peru and has a Certification of Origin through the Peruvian Government.


~ Smudge Set Includes ~

Abalone Shell  ~ 6″ Still has crumbs of sand on the bottom

Hand Carved Wooden Cobra Stand ~ Hand Crafted out of Mango. Made in India

White Sage Bundle Large – 1.25-1.5″  thick

2 Palo Santo Sticks

One Chakra Crystal Pendant

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