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Nicole White

Licensed Professional Counselor, Integrative Mental Health & Energy Therapist

Develop your wellness toolbox for mental health, self-awareness, connection, and healing. Heal and balance your mental, emotional, and physical well-being. 

My name is Nicole White and I'm your host. I own Serenity Wellness Centre, a virtual center, where I specialize in Integrative Mental Health, Energy Therapy, and non-ordinary states of consciousness for mental health treatment. Welcome! I'm happy to help you gather your tools for full-body wellness.

Nicole White, LPC, DBTC

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E99 ~ Your brain development and personality: Change is Possible

Change is Possible. Symptom Resolution is Possible. Understand our brain development, how external experiences can impact things, what it has to do with personality, and a thing about borderline and narcissism.

Borderline Personality is Not what you think. Can we stop this trend?

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