Episode ~ 66 ~ Emotion Storage

Emotions can be uncomfortable and even overwhelming. a high level of discomfort experiencing emotions in our body can lead to stored emotions driving us through life.

These unconscious pulls pile up an already heavy pile of stored emotions that long to be healed. Learn more about how emotion storage happens, who it impacts your every day, and some started tools to do something different.

Here is a Link to “What’s In Your Backpack” episode I mentioned. I don’t have the archive flipped over to YouTube yet. https://serenitywellnesscentre.com/episode-17-whats-in-your-backpack/

Creating a sacred space for meditative reflection can also be a valuable tool to assist with the information discussed. Here is an episode to offer guidance. It also includes a short meditation. https://serenitywellnesscentre.com/episode-16-creating-sacred-space/

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