E96 ~ Are you Being Manipulated? ~ Pusher Looping

Are you being manipulated? Selling yourself short? 

Perhaps you are the manipulator attempting to make others comply with your agenda.

In today’s video, we’re talking about pusher loops and their impact on mental health.

Pusher loops are strategies used by manipulators to control their targets. So what are pusher loops and how can they affect your life? Let’s find out in this video!

We’ll talk about the different stages of the pusher loop, the impact it has, and how to protect yourself. Watch this video to learn how to avoid being manipulated and stay in control of your life!

The Pusher Looping is a part of the Calculated connection style. Subtle and sly maneuvers are used to push others into their plan.

Learn more about these areas to better identify what type of connections you are building and how to move into something different if you choose.

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