Episode – 62 – Foundation of Strength

Explore your foundation of awareness. Bring awareness to your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual patterns, what you’re built of, and how to create a foundation of strength. We are the builders of our future. The information shared here is timeless and can be useful no matter when you listen.  Original airdate: 3/1/2021 If you find […]

Episode – 61 – Stir Up

We can move through our day in storytelling mode, judgmental mindset, and reactive cycles. The more we connect within, the more opportunity we have to let ourselves Sit and Settle instead of Stir Up our whole system. As you’ve been exploring how you show up, you might have started to notice a bit more about […]

Episode – 60 – How We Show Up

As we move through our day, we may not notice how we are moving through our day mentally and physically. With or without our awareness, it still impacts how we show up for ourselves and others. Learn key factors that contribute, the effect they have, and how to rebalance into presence. The information shared here […]

Episode – 59 – Personal Value

Our commitment to our personal value is an important aspect of our wellness toolbox. Our personal value includes how we value our time, dedication to self-care, emotions, circumstances, and relationships. Let’s explore this a bit further and identify your personal value and how to embrace opportunities to engage. As you embark on your self-exploration, lead […]

Episode – 58 – Stuck on Repeat

As we deepen our connection to inner awareness and build our toolbox, we may find ourselves stuck repeating patterns and cycles that are not in alignment with our actual desires. Awareness brings an openness for change. The more awareness we have, the more willingness we find to participate in changing directions. Sometimes we are aware, […]

Episode – 57 – Acceptance

Acceptance is a key element in moving us toward deep healing. Breaking us free from the deep-rooted systems that are seeds we no longer want to water. When we resist acceptance, it can create elevated emotions, increased desire for control, have us holding onto strong expectations and assumptions, all of which impact our mental, emotional, […]

Episode – 56 – Gardening Your Soul

Gardening Your Soul is when we cultivate our truest self. We clear out the weeds and plant seeds to harvest our truth. Using empathy, compassion, non-judgment, and non-expectation as our tools. These tools are simple, but that which is simple is not always easy. We can have weeds in our emotional intelligence, interpersonal relations patterns, […]

Episode – 55 – The Masks We Wear

Understanding ourselves, sitting with ourselves, opening up our awareness to all that’s within us and around us, we continue to embrace all the opportunity for change. We are all beginning to emerge back together as the world starts opening. This deep sitting with ourselves and understanding provides another opportunity for change. An opportunity for us […]

Episode – 54 – Silent Observer

Being the observer and sitting with ourselves brings us to a mindful way of living. As we go deeper into a connection with ourselves and all that is around us, bringing awareness into these connections is a valuable part of the process. Learn ways to connect with and embrace your felt sense, inner knowing, trusting […]

Episode – 53 – Breaking Cycles

No matter where we are in life, what our upbringing was, our family lineage, our learned patterns and behaviors, we can change. We can break cycles. Our own, generational, societal. It is only when you sit with yourself that you find yourself. This photo is from a recent hike, the ice breaking away and dissolving […]