E104 ~ Judgmental Mind ~ Rewire to Love ~ Week 1:4

https://youtu.be/ADLic0WPItQ Learn the fundamentals of mindset, emotions, physical impacts, and where the imprinting began. Gain an understanding of how intergenerational threads impact the now and a plan to break cycles and create something new. About Rewire To Love As we move through our day, we can find ourselves wrapped in judgment. Judgment toward ourselves, our […]

E103 ~ Unconditional Positive Regard ~ Do You Practice it?

Emotions and comfort are not words that usually go together for me. Thank you! Dallas Eating my emotions is something I have struggled with most of my life. Thank you for giving me language around what it feels like for me. Leslie Thank you! I feel understood after listening to you. Theo The way you […]

E102 ~ Create a Habit of Daily Living

https://youtu.be/6hriyKSLg2E How do you create a habit? What are your Dailies? We can move through our day tapped out and depleted, foggy and confused. Sometimes this leads to forgetting to take care of our basics to maintain our human functions. Let me help you identify yours and create a habit of healthy living. Emotions and […]

E101 ~ Brainwash Yourself ~ Ending the hypnotic trance

https://youtu.be/QGP2UrU7i3U What do you absorb through your day? Have you noticed the hypnotic trance-like way we can feed our brain information that elevates our emotions, steers us away from our goals, and further separates us from others? Let’s talk a little more about this, how to brainwash yourself, and gain a tool to create the […]

E100 ~ Important Questions for Your Mental Health

Looking at our emotions, feeling our emotions, and knowing these important questions about your mental health are areas that you want to know. This is part 4 of the Therapy Notes Series. If you find these podcasts helpful, please consider a small donation through one of the links below. Your donation assists in equipment and […]

E99 ~ Your brain development and personality: Change is Possible

Change is Possible. Symptom Resolution is Possible. Understand our brain development, how external experiences can impact things, what it has to do with personality, and a thing about borderline and narcissism. Borderline Personality is Not what you think. Can we stop this trend? If you find this podcast helpful, please consider a small donation. I […]

E98 ~ Your body system: My most important episode

This is the most important episode I have ever recorded. This episode is packed full of information to save your health. It might not be what you are used to hearing, but something your body wants you to understand. These 6 Key Rule Outs are factors that can cause mental health symptoms and distress. Factors […]

E97 – You Are Not A Diagnosis

https://youtu.be/jHTg-T6eFWU This is not supposed to be some fad. You are not a diagnosis. You have more abilities than you might realize. Give a listen, learn some information, and take charge of your health. You might feel some sort of way while listening. I’m happy to hear what you have to say in the comments […]

E96 ~ Are you Being Manipulated? ~ Pusher Looping

Are you being manipulated? Selling yourself short?  Perhaps you are the manipulator attempting to make others comply with your agenda. In today’s video, we’re talking about pusher loops and their impact on mental health. Pusher loops are strategies used by manipulators to control their targets. So what are pusher loops and how can they affect […]

E95 ~ Drama Looping ~ An Internal Flame

Isn’t it strange how we can feel a magnetic pull toward connections that fuel unhealed aspects of our past? How the mind can get us into a tailspin of emotions despite only being words of imagination? Learn about drama looping and how to extinguish the flames. The information shared here is timeless and can be […]