Episode ~ 73 ~ The Dark Side of Emotional Intelligence & Tools for Self Protection

Emotional Intelligence is a fundamental aspect of living in an integrated flow with life. There are times when individuals with high emotional intelligence also use it to manipulate and control others for personal gains. Sometimes even causing significant harm to the other individual. Informing ourselves and gaining awareness, wisdom, and experience with our emotions is […]

Episode ~ 72 ~ Health, Energetics, and Self-Forgiveness

Self-forgiveness may involve more than you realize. We’re talking health, connections, and the energetic aspects of your being.  Find out how you’re impacting your health, the six most common reasons we avoid, and some wellness tools to put into practice. Including some easy-to-use aspects of energy therapy.  If you find these podcasts helpful, please consider […]

Episode ~ 70 ~ Your Wellness Matters ~ Feed Your Soul

serenity wellness podcast episode 70

As a collective, it is imperative we pay attention to the ongoing increase in mental health and emotional distress that continues to rise. We are social beings, our connections with others have a direct impact on our physiological and psychological makeup. Please take a moment to listen to this important information and form a dedicated […]

Episode ~69 ~ Becoming Your Primary Person ~ Who Are You?

When we don’t give ourselves time to know who we are, we keep showing up as the same person expecting others to do the inner work for us. Taking time to sit with ourselves can be downright terrifying for some. We can be so scared of who we will find there, what we will feel, […]

Episode ~ 67 ~ Connection Styles ~ Part 1 ~ Personal Pivots

https://youtu.be/WR85Rvz0tYo Our subconscious can take the driver’s seat in establishing and cultivating our relationships from a place of pain. We can find ourselves in repeat cycles of connection and never slow down enough to be with the common thread in those connections, ourselves.  When we bypass the process of heart healing it can harvest more pain […]

Episode ~ 66 ~ Emotion Storage

https://youtu.be/BgR-1Z9Ds7s Emotions can be uncomfortable and even overwhelming. a high level of discomfort experiencing emotions in our body can lead to stored emotions driving us through life. These unconscious pulls pile up an already heavy pile of stored emotions that long to be healed. Learn more about how emotion storage happens, who it impacts your […]

Episode ~ 65 ~ Cellular Imprinting

https://youtu.be/-aqbLUYXEuc Are you living your life according to your plan? Have you found yourself repeating patterns and holding beliefs that are not even yours? Learn more about cellular imprints and they might be creating hypotonic loops in the way you live. You can also check out ~ Brainwash Yourself on Serenity Wellness Tools for another […]

Episode – 64 – Where Can I Land?

https://youtu.be/-WJu3y9Z08s Have you ever arrived at the end of your day in a state of confusion about where the day went? Wondered what you did throughout the day? Disconnected from wow often you escaped from the present moment and perhaps, without awareness, increased your own mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual chaos? When we start to […]

Episode – 63 – Emotions and Addiction

Our comfort and connection to our emotions can impact the possibility of addictive aspects in life. When we have a lack of emotional readiness or comfort, we can get looped into escaping the experience. We can get looped into learned cycles on how to process and handle emotions. We continue driving in a broken-down car […]