Episode ~ 81 ~ Catch Yourself ~ Where Are You Tapping Out?

Emotional Awareness brings long-term health. Noticing the ways we avoid our emotions and how becoming our personal trainer brings an appreciation for the value of all of our emotions. Purpose * Action * Outcome This was part of a live virtual training called Catch Yourself. You can now take the course for free on Serenity […]

Episode ~ 80 ~ Awareness Training & Meditation

One of the fundamental aspects of change requires awareness of self. If we are trying to create change, it requires an awareness of what we are doing, how we are feeling, and what our motivation is to embrace something new. All too often we might find ourselves stepping away from any of the above. Not […]

Episode ~ 79 ~ Let’s Get Physical

Our body has an abundance of information to guide us through life. We might find ourselves disconnected from body awareness more than we realize. Gain a connection to yourself and tools to get you moving.  This is part 2 of a 4 part wellness course called “Catch Yourself”. Part 1 ~ E78 ~ Mind Bending  […]

Episode ~ 78 ~ Mind-Bending

https://youtu.be/Xt6HrBnsKC8 Increase your awareness of where your Mind goes, Spoken thoughts, and Mind Lapse cycles that move us away from our present moment.    Gain valuable tools to incorporate into your everyday life and open new opportunities moving ahead.   This is part 1 of a 4-part Wellness Course called “Catch Yourself.” If you find […]

Episode ~ 77 ~ Circle of Self ~ Are you Being You?

https://youtu.be/YYHthGBHb2Y Learn key aspects of the Circles of Self, when embarrassment shows up, and a wellness tool to assist in your design plan.    When we slow down, we can notice whose story we are living. With curiosity, we can examine when we decided to doubt ourselves and develop a plan and dedication to doing […]

Episode ~ 76 ~ Ego VS Self ~ Who’s Driving?

https://youtu.be/l9cL2MEe5Hk 7 differences between ego and self.   Identify if it’s your ego or your true self in the driver’s seat of life and take steps toward shedding the layers.   If you find these podcasts helpful, please consider a small donation through one of the links below. Your donation assists in equipment and aspects […]

Episode ~ 75 ~ Beyond the Mind’s Eye Energy Therapy Meditation

https://youtu.be/CPYARAfjhtU Beyond the busyness of our mind, there is a knowing. A Wisdom that rings true. You can feel the vibration in every cell of your being.   Settling and opening a connection to our true selves as we step out of autopilot leads us to a fire of passion and desire within. One that never […]

Episode ~ 74 ~ Dissolving False Self

https://youtu.be/D8_vWNoClAo What are the environmental, situational, and personal factors that impact your life roles?    Perceptions and belief cycles sometimes run on autopilot. We may lose sight of the messages we tell ourselves and how we present ourselves to others. Finding that the person we tell ourselves we are is false. The obstacles we create […]

Episode ~ 73 ~ The Dark Side of Emotional Intelligence & Tools for Self Protection

Emotional Intelligence is a fundamental aspect of living in an integrated flow with life. There are times when individuals with high emotional intelligence also use it to manipulate and control others for personal gains. Sometimes even causing significant harm to the other individual. Informing ourselves and gaining awareness, wisdom, and experience with our emotions is […]

Episode ~ 72 ~ Health, Energetics, and Self-Forgiveness

Self-forgiveness may involve more than you realize. We’re talking health, connections, and the energetic aspects of your being.  Find out how you’re impacting your health, the six most common reasons we avoid, and some wellness tools to put into practice. Including some easy-to-use aspects of energy therapy.  If you find these podcasts helpful, please consider […]